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Difference Between PVC Double - Wall Elastomer Bellows And PE Double - Wall Elastomer Bellows

A. Material

PVC double - wall elastomer bellows production raw materials is PVC, while PE double - wall elastomer bellows production raw materials is polyethylene.

B. Specification

Rubber PVC double-wall elastomer bellows diameter range Φ 110 mm - 1000 mm Φ, PE double-wall elastomer bellows diameter rubber range Φ 110 mm - 2000 mm Φ.

C. Structure and performance

PVC double - wall elastomer bellows and PE double - wall elastomer bellows are made of different materials with different pipe structure and different performance.

1. The common characteristics of plastic double-wall elastomer bellows: plastic double-wall elastomer bellow is a kind of special pipe with smooth inner wall, corrugated outer wall and hollow inner and outer wall. The section of the pipe wall is double-layer structure, and its inner wall is smooth and flat. It is the pipe with trapezoidal hollow structure equidistant from the outer wall.

D. Construction method of PVC double wall elastomer bellows and PE double wall elastomer bellows is the same.

1. The rubber ring should be installed in the slot between the second and third ripples of the socket. The number of sealing rings should be determined according to the design requirements. When using two sealing rings, it is suggested to separate one ripple between the two sealing rings.

2. Clean the inner and outer surfaces of socket and socket before interface, insert sealing ring into socket, and apply lubricant on the inner working face and rubber ring surface (usually soap water). Insert the pipe in the direction of water flow, and insert the installed pipe into the socket with a crowbar to the bottom with manpower or wooden baffle along the center line of the socket.

3. After the interface is completed, fill the reserved groove with the same soil.

4. The pipe shall be laid in a straight line, and the allowable turning Angle of two adjacent pipe axes shall not be more than 2 degrees in general.

E. Application and usage

In addition to the common fields of two kinds of pipes, such as municipal engineering, residential underground drainage and sewage engineering, highway engineering, irrigation and water conservancy engineering, PE double-wall elastomer bellows can also be used in chemical mine fluid transportation engineering. The scope is relatively wider.
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