Food Industry Standard for Mechanical Sealing Materials

Process diversity

In particular, the processes in the food and beverage industry are widely diversified due to the products themselves, so they also have special requirements for the seals and sealants used--in terms of chemical substances and various process media, temperature tolerance, pressure and mechanical load or special hygiene requirements. Of particular importance here is the CIP/SIP process, which involves the cleaning and disinfection of disinfectants, superheated steam and acids. Even under severe application conditions, the reliable function and durability of the seal must be ensured.

Material diversity

This wide range of requirements can only be met by a variety of materials and material groups according to the required characteristic curve and necessary certification and qualification of corresponding materials.

The sealing system is designed according to the hygienic design rules. In order to achieve hygienic design, it is necessary to consider the design of seals and installation space, as well as the important criteria of material selection. The part of the seal in contact with the product must be suitable for CIP (local cleaning) and SIP (local disinfection). Other features of this seal are a minimum dead angle, open clearance, spring against the product, and a smooth, polished surface.

The material of the sealing system must always meet the applicable legal requirements. Physical harmlessness and chemical and mechanical resistance play a central role here. Generally, the materials used shall not affect food or pharmaceutical products in terms of smell, color or flavor.

We define hygiene categories for mechanical seals and supply systems to simplify the choice of the right components for manufacturers and end users. The hygiene requirements on the seals are related to the design features of the seals and the supply system. The higher the grade, the higher the requirements for materials, surface quality and auxiliary seals.

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