Friction Problem Of Mechanical Seal Face

Mechanical seal is a common shaft seal device, for example, reaction kettle, compressor, centrifugal pump, centrifuge and so on are all shaft seal devices. These devices have been widely applied in many fields, such as petrochemical, aerospace, ship, military and so on. Compared with other shaft seals, mechanical seals are widely used. Because the manufacturing method is simple, the manufacturing method is convenient, the structure is relatively simple, the maintenance cost is very low in the later period, but it has good stability and tightness. Therefore, the study on the basic performance of mechanical seal is very meaningful.

In the field of mechanical seal, the friction of end face has always been a hot topic in this field. The first is the friction characteristic parameter, which is of great significance to reduce wear and improve friction performance. Because these parameters can clear the rules of the wear process, this is the most obvious performance of the friction characteristics. The parameters of working conditions, friction coefficient and wear rate are the most important parameters. Second: the influence of surface topography and its characterization, there are many asperities on the sealing face. These asperities are the reasons for the wear of the ends. How the surface morphology affects the end surface and how to characterize the inherent law of rough surface is the focus of the study. The third is the pairing of the end face material and the correct selection of the sealing face matching material, which can guarantee the stability of mechanical seal and prolong its service life to a certain extent. These three aspects are the most important in the study of the friction characteristics of the end face. In the study of these three points, we also need to pay attention to the details, so as to ensure the accuracy of the data and finally realize the performance. Because of the improvement of science and technology, the material used for contact mechanical seal has improved greatly, and its life and seal reliability have also been enhanced. However, in the actual production of the industry, the contact mechanical seal also has the failure situation, the effect of this situation will be very serious.

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