Installation and Removal of Pump Mechanical Seal

The mechanical seal used in the water pump seal is one of the most effective ways of rotating mechanical seal. The precision of its own processing is relatively high, especially the dynamic, static ring. If the disassembly method is not appropriate or is in improper use, mechanical seal after assembly not only can not achieve the purpose of sealing, but also damage the assembled sealing elements.

1. Preparation and matters needing attention before installation of water pump seal

After the above maintenance work is completed, the machine seal needs to be installed again. Prior to installation, preparations must be made:
1.1 If the replacement of a new seal is needed, we must check whether  the model, specification of the mechanical seal is correct or not, the quality is in line with the standard or not;
1.2 1mm-2mm axial clearance shall be maintained between the anti-rotating groove end at the end of the static ring and the top of the anti-reselling pin to avoid buffer failure;
1.3 The end faces of the moving and static rings should be cleaned with alcohol, and the remaining metal parts should be cleaned with gasoline and dried with clean compressed air. Check carefully to make sure that there is no damage to the sealing surface of moving and static rings. Before assembly, two pieces of "0" rubber seal ring should be coated with a layer of lubricating oil, the end face of the moving and static rings shall not be coated with oil.

2. Installation of water pump seals

The installation sequence and precautions of the machine seal are as follows:
1. After the relative position of the rotor and the pump body is fixed, determine the installation position of the mechanical seal, and calculate the positioning size of the seal on the shaft or shaft sleeve according to the installation size of the seal and the position of the static ring in the gland;
2. Install the machine seal moving ring, which shall be able to move flexibly on the shaft after installation;
3. Assemble the assembled static ring part and the moving ring part;
4. Install the sealing end cover in the sealing body and tighten the screws.

Precautions for water pump seal removal:

When removing the mechanical seal, do not use the hammer and flat shovel, so as not to damage the sealing elements. If there are mechanical seals at both ends of the pump, care must be taken during the disassembly process to prevent loss. For mechanical seals that have been worked, if the sealing surface moves when the gland is loose, the rotating and rotating ring parts should be replaced, and should not be tightened again for continuous use. Because after loosening, the original running track of the friction pair will change, and the sealing of the contact surface will be easily damaged. If the sealing element is bonded by dirt or agglomerates, remove the condensation before removing the mechanical seal.
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