Installation Method of O Ring Mechanical Seal

Perform pre-installation inspection

1. O ring mechanical seal's seal chamber.

The specification, diameter and depth of the sealed cavity must meet the relevant dimensional requirements;The coaxiality and verticality of the shaft and seal cavity are in accordance with the requirements. The verticality is generally less than 0.05 ~ 0.08mm, and the coaxiality should be kept between 0.20 ~ 0.25mm.

2. Axial movement of pump shaft

The axial channeling momentum of the shaft or sleeve shall be controlled within 0.08mm.

3. The flatness of the friction end face of the static ring is the key to ensure the sealing. 

A simple caliper method can be used for inspection, that is, the caliper is attached to the end face and placed under the backlight, and the flatness of the surface can be judged by observing whether the light transmission gap is uniform.

4. Surface roughness of shaft or bushing shall be less than 0.32 μm.

5. Good condition and cleanliness of o ring mechanical seal parts. 

All seals shall be carefully checked for good condition and cleanliness to ensure no sharp edge burrs, scratches, cracks and other defects.

Correct and reasonable installation sequence

1. Install the stationary parts of the o ring mechanical seal: First, install the retainer pin into the corresponding hole position of the sealing end cover; Secondly, install the static ring seal ring in the static ring according to the sequence. Then the static ring is installed in the sealing end cover to prevent the retainer from entering the groove of the static ring during the assembly process. Finally, collision between the stationary ring and the shaft is avoided during installation. The bolts should be tightened evenly several times.

2. Assemble rotating parts of mechanical seals. The rotating parts of the mechanical seal are assembled one by one on the shaft in sequence. For the shaft bushing, assemble the rotating parts of the o-ring mechanical seal on the shaft bushing outside in sequence, and then install the shaft bushing of the o ring mechanical seal rotating parts on the shaft.

3. Install the end cover on the sealing body and fix it with screws.

4. Disk drive test whether the rotation is easy.
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