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Main Performance of Elastomeric Sealant

(1) Appearance: the appearance of the elastomeric sealant mainly depends on the dispersion of the filler in the base adhesive. Filler is a kind of solid powder, after kneading machine, grinding machine, planetary machine dispersion, it can be evenly dispersed in the base of the adhesive to form a fine paste. Sometimes depending on the nature of the filler itself, the existence of a very small amount of fine grain or fine sand is not excluded, which is acceptable normal phenomenon. If the packing is not well dispersed, you get a lot of very thick particles. In addition to the dispersion of the filler, other factors may also affect the appearance of the product, such as the inclusion of granular impurities, skinning and so on.

(2) Hardness: the hardness of the elastomeric sealant refers to the hardness of the sealant after fully curing into a rubber body, which is one of the physical and mechanical properties of the product. Hardness is the ability of a material to resist attempts by matter to carve or press into its surface. According to the different hardness measurement methods, the hardness expression methods include brinell hardness, rockwell hardness, shore hardness and other methods. Shore A hardness is stipulated by the state. The standard hardness value is produced in accordance with the national standard method and detected by hardness tester. Sealant has high hardness , strong surface sealant rigidity,  weak elasticity and flexibility. On the contrary, small hardness can  cause good flexibility and elasticity, bad rigidity. Therefore, sealant is neither the harder the better, nor the softer the better, but according to the actual needs of a certain range of requirements.

(3)Tensile strength: the tensile strength of the elastomeric sealant is also one of the mechanical properties of the sealant after it is fully cured. Tensile strength also known as tensile strength, tensile strength, commonly known as tension. Tensile strength value is also in accordance with the national standards prescribed by the method of detection.

(4) Elongation: the elongation of the elastomeric sealant is the elastic performance after the sealant is fully cured, which is also one of the mechanical properties. It refers to the percentage of the ratio of the total elongation of a material at stretching to its original length. Good elastomeric sealant will have a greater elongation. As the minimum requirement of elongation, the sealant must meet the requirement of definite elongation in national standard.
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