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Normal Operation and Maintenance of Mechanical Seal Pump

1. Preparation and precautions before starting

a. Overall inspection of mechanical seal pump, and whether accessories and pipeline installation is complete, whether to meet technical requirements.

b. Before starting, do a mechanical seal pump  static pressure test, check whether there is leakage phenomenon of mechanical seal. If there are much leakage, we should find out the reason and try to eliminate it. If it still does not work, remove it for inspection and reinstall it. The general static test pressure is 2-3 kg/cm2.

c. Press the pump to turn and check whether it is light and even. If it is difficult to turn or do not move, please check whether the assembly size is wrong and whether the installation is reasonable.

2. Working

a. if there is a slight leakage after the mechanical seal pump starts, it shall be observed for a period of time. If the continuous operation lasts 4 hours, the leakage is still not reduced, then the pump should be stopped for inspection.

b. The operating pressure of the mechanical seal pump shall be stable, and the pressure fluctuation shall not be more than 1 kg/cm2.

c. During the operation of mechanical seal pump , we should avoid the phenomenon of pumping, so as not to cause dry friction sealing surface and seal damage.

For the mechanical seal part used in mechanical seal pump, it is a precision part with high demand for design, machining, assembly quality. In the use of mechanical seal, we should analyze the use of mechanical seal factors, so that the mechanical seal is suitable for various pump technical requirements and the use of medium requirements and sufficient lubrication conditions, so as to ensure long-term reliable operation of the seal.

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