Research And Development Trend Of The Basic Performance Of Mechanical Seal

According to the current status of the development of the sealing industry, it can be speculated that the development of the basic performance of mechanical seals in the future should include the following two aspects.

First: The leakage characteristics of mechanical seals and friction inspections must be comprehensive. Because in the operation of the mechanical seal, the continuous wear of the sealing interface will not only cause changes in its morphology, change the lubrication conditions, affect the friction and wear, but also change the shape, number and distribution of leakage channels, and it can affect the flow of fluid in the channel, so that the leak situation will be changed. Many factors affect the friction and leakage of the sealing interface. Therefore, the leakage characteristics of the mechanical seal and the friction inspection should be comprehensive, and it cannot be concluded only based on one-sided points.

Second: Optimize the seal interface leakage channel model. There is a leakage phenomenon in the flat gasket sealing interface found based on the percolation theory, which provides a new way for the study of the leakage path between the seal interfaces. Establish a suitable fluid flow model for sealing interface. According to the dynamic equation of volume averaging (REV), the equation of motion between the fluid pressure, the centrifugal force and the flow resistance in the channel is established, and the control equation for the micro flow in the sealing interface is obtained by combining the equation of motion between the fluid pressure, the centrifugal force and the flow resistance in the channel.

To sum up, in order to understand many aspects of the contact mechanical seal in the work caused by friction caused by oil leakage, it is necessary to carry out a thorough study of it.

Through the study, we can find from which aspects the external conditions of the machine are improved, and the friction loss caused by the sealing parts is reduced, so as to increase the service life of the machine.

In addition, it is also possible to predict the leakage of seals, so that they can be replaced prior to the occurrence of problems in the parts, thus achieving energy saving and emission reducing, improving the stability of equipment and ensuring the safety of operators and other important purposes. It can also be said that the basic performance research of contact type mechanical seal needs to work harder for industrial production and dig deeper into its true meaning.

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