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Seal Ring of Elastomer Bellows

A. Material selection and design of elastomer bellows

Elastomer bellows seal ring should choose high quality natural synthetic rubber, epdm rubber, to have good resilience and tensile properties. The design of the rubber ring should take into full account the coincidence degree with the pipe waveform, the height and thickness of the rubber ring sealing lip, and the tightness degree of the socket. It is very important to have a reasonably structured elastomer bellows seal ring for a pipe with good sealing performance.

B. Pipeline construction and elastomer ring installation

The pipe joints of double wall bellows shall adopt the socket type interface connected by elastic sealing rubber ring, and the rubber ring interface shall comply with the following provisions:

1. Check whether the rubber seal specifications and matching products are intact, elastic before the socket. The elastomer seal ring shall be installed in the groove between the first and second wave peaks of the socket. The elastomer bellows seal ring must be straightened out for bottling, and the installation quantity should be determined according to the relevant design requirements. If you need to install two sealing rings, you can place them at intervals of a ripple.

2. When interfacing, clean the inner wall of double wall bellows socket first, and apply lubricant on the inner wall of socket and rubber ring of bellows socket, and then align the central axis of the end face of socket.

3. Interface methods should be performed according to the following procedure: DN400 and pipe below, to be installed by a person with cotton rope hang on HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe socket, another man with a long lever inclined inserted into the foundation, and resist the double-wall corrugated pipe end of center of horizontal baffle, and then insert the PE corrugated pipe slowly hard to install HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe line socket to the desired location. DN400 and PE pipe above can be pulled into position by two hand pulling hoists. When the interface is closed, the hand-lever hoist on both sides of the pipe joint should be pulled synchronously to make the elastomer bellows seal ring be in place correctly, without distortion or falling off.