Seal Technology Used in Mechanical Seal Pumps

Rubber is the most commonly used sealing material used in mechanical seal pump. In addition to rubber, materials suitable for making sealing include graphite, ptfe and a variety of sealants.

At present, we use  new technology with various mechanical seals  of new materials and processes, which has a rapid progress. There are following new mechanical seal technologies available in mechanical seal pumps.

Sealing surface grooving sealing technology

In recent years, a variety of flow groove are opened in the  seal face of mechanical seal, in order to produce static, dynamic pressure effect of the fluid, which is still being updated.

Zero leakage sealing technology

Contact and non-contact mechanical seals have always been considered impossible to achieve zero leakage (or no leakage). A new concept of zero leakage non-contact mechanical end face seal has been put forward in Israel by using slotted sealing technology and has been used in lubricating oil pumps of nuclear power plants. Dry run gas seal technology is a grooved seal technology for gas seals. Upstream pumping seal technology is the use of sealing surface open groove downstream a small amount of leakage fluid pump back to the upstream.

The structural characteristics of the above types of seals are: The shallow groove is adopted, and the film thickness and the depth of the flow groove are micron level, and the lubrication groove, radial sealing dam and circumferential sealing weir are used to form the sealing and bearing part. It can also be said that slotted seal is a combination of plane seal and slotted bearing. Its advantages are small leakage (or even no leakage), thick film,  contact friction elimination, small power consumption and heat. Thermal fluid dynamic pressure sealing technology uses various deep sealing surface flow slots to cause local thermal deformation and generate hydrodynamic wedge effect. The fluid dynamic pressure bearing capacity of the seal is called the hot fluid dynamic wedge seal.

In addition, bellows sealing technology can be divided into forming metal bellows and welding metal bellows mechanical seal technology, which can also be used in mechanical seal pump.

Multi - end seal technology is divided into double seal, middle ring seal, multi - seal technology. In addition, there are parallel seal technology, monitoring seal technology, combination seal technology.
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