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Application of Bellows Mechanical Seal

Mechanical seal is the key component in the power plant of chemical enterprises. Its life and reliability determine the installation level of large compressors and pumps. Therefore, in order to meet the specific temperature, pressure and medium corrosion conditions, it is necessary to modify the mechanical seal which cannot meet the conditions. The characteristic of bellows mechanical seal is that the sealing face of bellows mechanical seal is more uniform and the following property is better. To a certain extent, it can make up the end face clearance (less than 1um) caused by the deflection of the rotating shaft, the vibration of equipment, the coaxial error of the moving ring, the static ring and the axle sleeve and other factors, so as to reduce the leakage of mechanical seal. Compared with the large spring mechanical seal, it is less affected by the corrosion of the surface of the sleeve. The static ring of the bellows mechanical seal is fastened by bolts to the mechanical seal gland. And the static ring of most spring-type mechanical seal basically relies on the transition cooperation between type O seal ring and mechanical seal gland and the function of fluid pressure and external spring. It should be affected by the fit size and corrosion degree of the gland sealing surface, the sealing effect is poor. The relative price of mechanical seal of welded metal corrugated pipe is higher. However, in terms of the operating cycle of equipment per unit cost, most of the equipment uses welded metal corrugated pipe machine acer seal to be more economical and more convenient. In particular, like the DBM series produced by Dandong Clone Group, the movable ring and shaft sleeve are fastened by the bolt, the dense cover is designed as a plane seal, the installation is convenient, the corrosion of the shaft sleeve is small, and the sealing effect is good.