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Application Of Pump Mechanical Seal

The mechanical seal of mechanical seal flygt pump is a precise component. The manufacturing precision and the installation precision are very strict. If the assembly is not properly assembled, the sealing performance will be affected. The following points must be paid attention to the correct installation.
Installation and technical requirements for mechanical seal of machine and pump
1. Technical requirements for matching parts of machine, pump and mechanical seal.
A. The maximum bending degree of axis must not exceed 0.05mm.
B. All parts conform to the requirements of the drawings. D. Manufacturing mechanical seal parts, shaft manufacturing tolerance is H8.
Cooling and washing of mechanical seals for pump
The first kind of cooling form is the outlet of the pump or the high pressure end, the clean medium will be conveyed and the seal face is flushed directly, then into the pump cavity, through 
1.the continuous circulation of the medium, the friction of the friction end of the end is reached to the cooling effect.
2. Second cooling methods
A cooling water jacket is added to the back of the static ring on the basis of the first cooling form, and the cooling effect is improved, and the leaked liquid can be collected. When the sealing medium temperature is greater than 150 degrees, the forced cooling shall be adopted in addition to cooling the cooling water jacket and the back of the static ring in the cooling jacket. That is, the clean medium from the pump outlet should be cooled to 50 C before heat exchanger. Then enter the sealed cavity to cool and rinse. This form is the best cooling effect.
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