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Bellows Type Mechanical Seal

With the progress of science and technology, high-tech bellows mechanical seal products have been developed. The bellows mechanical seal adopts the new structure and sealing material, the sealing effect is good, compared with traditional rotary seal, it has more prominent features and has been widely used in oil and gas production equipment.

1. Advantages of bellows mechanical seal

The principle of the bellows mechanical seal is basically the same as that of the rotating mechanical seal. It is called the end seal, and the mechanical seal of the bellows is more prominent than the rotary seal. The main features are: (1) simple structure, convenient installation, strong adaptability, and buoyancy of the stationary ring; (2) the floating ring structure is designed to eliminate the various stresses of the insert ring; (3) the rotating ring is easy to be replaced and repaired; (4) the structure is compact and suitable for the small axis direction of the screw pump; (5) the rotating ring and static ring are connected by flange, with less dynamic leakage
The following features are included in the application: (1) the seal is reliable and will not leak during the longer use; (2) the service life is long, the static ring and the moving ring are high wear-resisting material and certain ratio pressure, which can be used for six months more than the rotary seal. (3) small loss of friction power; (4) wide application range, which can be used in low temperature, high temperature, high pressure, various speed and various corrosion resistant, flammable, explosive, toxic media; (5) strong spring strength, strong anti-seismic ability and good stability.

2. Selection of mechanical seals and common materials

There are many types of bellows mechanical seals, which are divided into two types: containerized mechanical seals and non containerized mechanical seals. According to the sealing structure type, it can be divided into two kinds: one is the bellows assembly for the moving ring, the other is the bellows assembly for the static ring. The general selection methods are: (1) choose mechanical seals according to the nature and operation conditions of the conveying medium; (2) select the mechanical seal according to the size of the pump. (3) choose the mechanical seal according to the relative pressure of the end face and the relative velocity of the end face.