Characteristics Of Mechanical Seal Of Bellows

Mechanical seal is the key component in the power plant of chemical enterprises. Its life and reliability determine the installation level of large compressors and pumps. Therefore, in order to meet specific temperature, pressure and medium corrosion conditions, mechanical seals that can not meet the working conditions must be reformed by the metal bellow seal manufacturer.

The seal end face of the bellows mechanical seal is more uniform and follows better. To a certain extent, it can make up the end face gap (less than 1 m) caused by the deflection of the rotating shaft, the vibration of the equipment, the dynamic ring, the error of the coaxiality of the shaft and the axle sleeve, thus reducing the leakage of the mechanical seal. Compared with the large spring type mechanical seal, it is less affected by the corrosion surface of the axle sleeve a. The static ring of the bellows mechanical seal is fastened by bolts to the gland of the mechanical seal. The static ring of most of the mechanical seal is basically based on the transition of the 0 type sealing ring with the mechanical seal and the fluid pressure and the effect of the spring. It is affected by the size of the seal face and the degree of corrosion, and the sealing effect is poor.

The relative price of welding metal bellows mechanical seal is relatively high, but it is much more economical and more economical to use welding metal bellows mechanical seal to measure the operation cycle of unit cost of equipment.
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