Fluorine Rubber Seals

Fluorine rubber seals have excellent properties of high temperature resistance, oil resistance, vacuum resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and are widely used in various industries. At present, the use in China is mainly in high-altitude aircraft, chemical industry and other industries.

First, high altitude flight industry
Fluorine rubber seals have their unique advantages in high altitude flight. At the height of 200~300Km, rubber seals include neoprene, butadiene rubber and butyl rubber. But when the flying height exceeds more than 600 km, the air pressure is very low, so only fluoro rubber seals can be used. Generally used in high altitude flight, fluoro rubber seals need to be baked in high temperature, so that they can withstand high temperature, and delay aging speed, lengthening the use of time. At present, China's high vacuum equipment and spacecraft seal products are made of fluorine rubber.

Second, the oil industry
Fluorine rubber has excellent properties of high temperature resistance and oil resistance. Therefore, its seals are widely used in the oil industry, such as hydraulic system, fuel oil industry and so on. Take the hydraulic system as an example, the seal can withstand the strong impact of hydraulic oil, and can adapt to extremely high temperatures. Hydraulic oil generates heat because of friction, thus increasing the temperature. If it is other common seals, then there will be leakage.

Three, chemical industry
Fluorine rubber seals have excellent corrosion resistance. It can be used in environment such as nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid without being corroded. This means that it can be used in acidic environment without corrosion. If it is other metal seals, then less than a few days, it needs to be replaced, thus speeding up the replacement speed and increasing the production cost of enterprises.

With the continuous development of technology, the performance of fluorocarbon rubber seals in rubber seal factory is getting better and better. The industry it uses will be more extensive in the future.

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