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Various Specifications Of Mechanical Seal/ Mechanical Seals Collocation With Pumps

Widely used in oil, chemical, power metallurgy, mining, shipping, light industry, agriculture, civil machinery shaft seal and defense departments, the pump is a lot of wide range of general-purpose machinery and equipment. The national economy occupies an important position. According to 79 years, the country's output value of 1256,000 units. Pump energy consumption accounts for more than 21% of the national electricity consumption. And thus vigorously reduce the pump power consumption, with a very serious meaning to save power.

These years, the pump industry design and development of a lot of mechanical seal manufacturers efficient energy-saving products, such as IHFCQBFSBUHB and other models of pump products, the power consumption of the pump down a positive role. But now in all areas of the national economy, because the selection is unreasonable, a lot of pump in an irrational operation, low operating power, a lot of waste of power. There are pumps because the selection is unreasonable, the foundation can not be used, or transport mechanical seal specifications to repair costs to add, low economic efficiency.

It can be seen that a reasonable pump to save power also has important implications. The so-called rational selection of pumps, that is, to sum up the pump unit and pumping station to consider the investment and operating costs and other inductive economic indicators, so that fit the economic, security, applicable guidelines. Specifically, there are several aspects: it is necessary to use the request for the flow and head, that is, the pump operating point (the intersection of the device characteristic curve and the pump's function curve) is often kept in the efficient range, Power and not easy to damage the parts. The pump is chosen to be small, light weight, low cost, but also has excellent features and high power. Has an outstanding anti-cavitation function, which can reduce the excavation depth of the pump, without causing the pump cavitation, smooth operation, long life. According to the selected pump to build pumping stations, project funding less, low operating costs.