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Misunderstandings Of Maintenance Of Flygt Pump Seals

There are some misunderstandings about the maintenance of pump seals. 
1. The greater the spring compression is, the better the sealing effect is. In fact, the volume of the spring is too large, which can lead to the sharp wear of the friction pair and the instantaneous loss; the excessive compression makes the spring lose the ability to adjust the end face of the ring and causes the seal failure. 
2. The tighter the moving ring is, the better it is. In fact, the seal ring is not beneficial. First point is to aggravate the wear of the seal ring and shaft sleeve, premature leakage. Second point is to increase the axial adjustment and movement resistance of the ring, and can not be adjusted in time when the working condition changes frequently. Third point is the spring overfatigue and easy to damage. The last one is to make the ring seal ring deformed and influence the sealing effect.
3. The tighter the static seal ring is , the better it is. The static ring seal is basically in a static state, relatively tight, and the sealing effect will be better, but too tight is also harmful. First, it causes the static ring seal ‘s excessive deformation and influence the sealing effect. Second point is the static ring material with graphite mostly, generally more brittle, excessive force extremely easily causes fragmentation. Third point is that the installation is difficult but it is very easy to damage static ring.
4. The new one is better than the old. Relatively, the effect of the new mechanical seal is better than the old, but the quality or material selection of the new mechanical seal is not at the time, and the size error is more affected by the assembly than the general assembly; in the polymeric and permeable medium, the static ring is not overly worn or replaced. Because the static ring is in a stationary state for a long time in the static ring seat, so that the polymer and impurities are deposited as a whole, thus playing a better sealing role.
5. Dismantling is better. Once the mechanical seal leakage occurs, it is urgent to repair. In fact, sometimes the seal is not damaged. Only by adjusting the working condition or properly adjusting the seal can the leakage be eliminated. In this way, we can avoid waste and verify our ability of fault judgement, accumulate maintenance experience and improve the quality of maintenance.
The maintenance of Flygt pump seals can avoid these points in the future.

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