Quick Judgement And Solution of Failure of Rotary Seal Valve for CDQ

The coke dry quenching is rigid connection with the blast furnace and the boiler. Therefore, the stability of dry coke will directly affect the power generation of coke and co-generation. The dry coke rotary seal valve is an important part of the coke dry quenching device. It needs the stable operation without fault. Even if there is a fault, it need to be solved in a very short time to prevent the subsequent process. In general, if the failure of the rotary seal valve can be solved within two hours, it can ensure the boiler and the turbine not to break through the process of reducing the circulation air. Therefore, when the rotary seal valve fails, it is necessary to find out the fault points and find solution in time. 

After the failure of the rotary seal valve, it usually stops instantly. At this time, it is necessary to recover the performance as quick as possible. The specific steps to resume normal operation are as follows: 

1. Confirm whether it is the interlocking downtime, if so, restore the chain signal and then turn on the valve; if not, go to the next step.
2. After excluding that it is caused by interlocking signal, the rotary seal valve needs to be switched to the field manual operation and operate it alternately and reversely. If the rotary seal valve can act, then the rotary seal valve jam can be solved according to the method described in section 2. If not, then execute according to next step.
3. If the rotary sealing valve does not operate, think about if there are problems such as motor damage or bearing damage, reducer or other operating parts damage. Then judge the fault point and replace the failure parts by shaking the motor insulation, measuring the motor missing phase, manual coil, and drilling hole observation. 
4. Solve all the failures and open the rotary seal valve according to the regulations.

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