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Use Index of Sealing Device

The service life of the seal means the time from the beginning of the seal to the failure of the seal. It is very difficult to predict the life of a sealing device accurately. The study of the sealing life law is often based on statistical methods. When applying sealing, the service life will be extended by noticing the following points. Setting up the suitable working environment in the sealing cavity such as controlling the working temperature. Removing the solid particles. Forming the effective liquid film on the seal face (using double end seal or non-contact seal when necessary). Meeting the technical specification requirements of the seal. Adopting a machine pump with rigid shell, rigid shaft and high quality supporting system.

The sealing torque includes the friction torque of the end face caused by the friction of the end face during normal operation, the starting torque required when starting, and the stirring torque caused by the stirring of the rotating component to the fluid when the operation is sealed. Friction torque and stirring torque determine the power consumption and running cost of seals, which is a common index for evaluating the performance of fluid seals. In particular, the seal used in heavy machinery with high pressure, high speed and large axle diameter is very costly due to the power consumption of sealing.

Tracing ability is that when the seal is bouncing, vibrating and rotating, the compensation ring is automatically adjusted to meet the performance of non-compensation environmental protection. If this performance is poor, the sealing face will be separated, resulting in larger leakage. We can indirectly judge the quality of seal following by observing the change of leakage in the operation of the sealing device.