Standards for the Polytetrafluoroethylene Series

1) HG 20536  1993 “Polytetrafluoroethylene lining equipment" stipulates the structure design, manufacture, inspection and acceptance, test methods and storage, loading and unloading transportation and installation requirements of carbon steel and low alloy steel chemical equipment lined polytetrafluoroethylene. It is applicable to cases where the design temperature is between -20~180C, the design pressure is < 0.6mpa, the single section height or length of the equipment is < 1,400mm, and the cylinder diameter is < 2,000mm. It is not suitable for equipment with jacketed heating and equipment for direct flame heating with threaded connections, radiated equipment, equipment with vibration and temperature changes, vacuum equipment and equipment for frequent handling.

2) HG/T 21562-1994 "lined polytetrafluoroethylene pipe and fittings". The dimensions, technical conditions, inspection, marking, packaging, transportation and storage of polytetrafluoroethylene pipe and pipe fittings are specified. It is suitable for the design of pressure <1.6 MPa, fluid medium temperature between -20~180 ℃, carbon steel and cast steel (only for pipe fittings) as matrix, inner lining polytetrafluoroethylene plastic pipe and pipe fittings. It is not suitable for steel pipes and fittings of polytetrafluoroethylene or for lining steel pipes and fittings of pasting process.

3) HG/T 21609-1996 "polytetrafluoroethylene - rubber compound gasket" for pipe flange. The type, size, nominal pressure, service temperature and technical requirements of polytetrafluoroethylene rubber composite gaskets for pipe flanges are specified. It is suitable for the corrosive medium of chemical, petrochemical, textile, pharmaceutical and other departments or high cleanliness requirements of the surface and all - planar flanged polytetrafluoroethylene - rubber pad.

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