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Technical Treatment of Water Pump Seal

1. Pay attention to the concrete measures of technical treatment in pump mechanical seal design

1.1 According to the pump model, performance, working characteristics, select the corresponding mechanical seal type. under the premise of carefully analyzing various materials and service life requirements, technical personnel should reasonably select each sealing element, focusing on the reference of its corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-vibration, anti-fatigue and other aspects of the actual performance;

1.2 In different types of pump seal design, the designer should accurately grasp the technical points. That is to focus on the study of the shaft sleeve and rotating ring, rotating ring and stationary ring, sealed end cover and pump body, between the shaft sleeve and shaft, stationary ring and ring seat and other key parts of the mechanical seal design and technical treatment, which is the key technical measures to prevent mechanical seal leakage problems;

1.3 Large vibration is the main cause of leakage in water pump seal operation. However, the large vibration is not caused by the mechanical seal itself, but by the vibration generated by other parts of the pump during operation to the mechanical seal. Therefore, in the pump mechanical seal design, the designer should pay special attention to whether the pump shaft design is reasonable, bearing precision is enough, and coupling parallelism and radial force and so on. Then the main source of pump seal vibration is analyzed comprehensively, and effective technical measures are taken to eliminate the vibration source. In the manufacturing and assembly process of water pump equipment, it is necessary to strictly implement the design scheme and related operating procedures, standards, as far as possible to eliminate the mechanical seal to eliminate the source of vibration, in order to effectively control the mechanical seal in the operation of leakage problems.

1.4 In the technical treatment of water pump seal, the perfect auxiliary flushing system plays an important role, which can effectively protect the sealing surface and play the role of washing away sundries, cooling and lubrication. In the overall design of mechanical seals, auxiliary flushing system must be reasonably configured, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the desired mechanical seal effect.