The Key Process of Preparation of Sizing Material

1.Pneumatic conveying system 
After unpacking the black carbon and white powder materials, it goes through the pneumatic conveying system and enters the corresponding storage tank through the distribution valve. The air purification treatment device can guarantee the compressed air quality. Carbon black and white powder can be transported in two systems to avoid cross-post. The pneumatic conveying system solves the environmental pollution caused by the emission of carbon black and white powder

2.Oil tank heating device
The green and environment-friendly sealing strip require that the viscosity of paraffin oil is relatively high and the viscosity value is relatively large. First of all, in order to ensure the easy transportation when the temperature is low, the second is to ensure that the paraffin oil is quickly mixed in the mixing process to improve the mixing efficiency, and it is effective to preheat the paraffin oil. When working, the oil tank heating device can also remove the moisture in paraffin oil and ensure the quality of paraffin oil.

3.Color micelles
The small and medium-sized materials used in the green sealing strip are colored masterbatch and granular auxiliary. It solves the dust flying in the process of production coordination, its operation measurement is more accurate, it is also easy to identify, avoiding the harm caused by dust flying to human health. "

4. Online filtering process
The mixer of 160L is equipped with 300 rubber filter in the auxiliary system, which can be used for on-line filtration. The rubber filter is equipped with two heads, which can save the time of changing the net, achieve continuous production operation and produce high efficiency. The filter can be selected between 40~ 120 mesh. It effectively avoids impurity mixing into the next process and ensures the quality of green environmental protection sealing strip compound.

5. Metal detecting device In the cooling system of the auxiliary machine, the metal detection device is equipped with 10 grades, which can detect the metal impurities that are broken in the rubber material and are very sensitive.

6. Finished packing device
The finished product packaging device ensures that the invasion of external dust and the pollution of the film are avoided, and it plays a vital role in improving the quality of the rubber. When designing the formula of green and environment-friendly car seals strip glue, raw materials should be selected to meet the requirements of REACH regulations, and toxic and harmful substances shall be prohibited. Using white oil without aromatic hydrocarbon or paraffin oil with extremely low aromatic hydrocarbon content as a softener, SP6000, HS22 and XT1004 carbon black with low iodine uptake value was selected as reinforcing agents. The choice of nitrosamine-free vulcanization system in the vulcanization system can reduce the pollution of the contact material or me as the medium of the sealing strip. The preparation process should be carried out in a closed environment as far as possible to reduce the harm of dust emission to the environment and human health. Reduce the unpleasant smell of the sealing strip and pass the VOC test smoothly. The product meets the requirements of RoHS to ensure the environment and human safety.
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