The Market for Mechanical Seals

In today's various industries, the demand for various mechanical seals is also growing. Applications include automotive, food and beverage, HVAC, mining, agriculture, water and waste water treatment industries. Applications to stimulate demand in emerging economies are tap water and waste water as well as the chemical industry. Driven by the rapid development of industrialization, there is a large amount of demand in the Asia Pacific region. Changing environmental regulations in various economies also encourage the filtration of harmful fluids and gases in industrial processes. The regulation mainly focuses on improving the safety and economic feasibility of plants in a period of time.

Progress in materials used to make mechanical seals help improve their functionality and reliability in custom applications. In addition, the adoption of better bearing assemblies in recent years has helped to improve the expected absorption rate. In addition, the various working conditions of using mechanical seals also promote the development of new products in the mechanical seal market.

Mechanical seal can prevent liquid (liquid or gas) from leaking through the gap between the shaft and the liquid container. The seal ring of mechanical seal bears the mechanical force generated by spring or bellows and the hydraulic pressure generated by process fluid pressure. Mechanical seals protect the system from external influences and contamination. They are mainly used in automobiles, ships, rockets, industrial pumps, compressors, residential swimming pools, dishwashers and so on.

The global market for mechanical seals is driven by increasing demand for these seals in a variety of pump and compressor applications. Installing mechanical seals instead of packing can reduce power consumption and extend the service life of bearings. The transition from packaging to mechanical seals is expected to drive the mechanical seal market over the forecast period. The use of mechanical seals in pumps and compressors can reduce system maintenance and operation costs, ensure leakage safety and reduce air borne pollution. It is expected that the acceptance of mechanical seal in the processing industry will increase, so as to promote the global mechanical seal market.

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