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Water Pump Seal Replacing Method

When the water pump seal needs to be replaced, the following methods should be followed: Spring compression should be carried out in accordance with the provisions. Do not allow too much or too small phenomenon. The error is controlled in 2.00mm. Excessive spring compression will increase  section specific pressure, which will accelerate the wear of section. Too small spring compression will cause insufficient specific pressure and can not play a sealing role. After the spring is installed in the spring seat, it is required to move flexibly. When using a single spring, pay attention to the direction of rotation of the spring. The spring should be opposite to the direction of rotation of the shaft.

Water pump seal moving ring must be maintained flexible movement after installation, and the moving ring pressure to the spring should be able to automatically rebound.

First trap the water pump seal ring seal in the back of the ring, and then  install into the sealing end cover.  Pay attention to the protection of the static ring section. Ensure the vertical of the static ring section and the center line of the end cover, and align the anti-rotation groove on the back of the static ring with the anti-resale, but do not make each other contact. In the installation process, it is never allowed to directly knock the sealing elements with tools. When it is necessary to knock, special tools must be used to knock to prevent the damage of sealing elements.

During assembly, all sealing rings for water pump seals should be coated with lubricants such as soap water to avoid damage to the rubber ring. Grease is applied between the sealing surface of the stationary and static ring to prevent the sealing surface of the stationary and static ring from abrasion before the pump starts.

During water pump seal floating ring assembly, it is  careful not to knock down the floating ring spring, so as not to affect the floating performance of floating ring after the spring knocked down. After the floating ring is assembled, the floating ring can be gently pressed to determine whether it has good floating performance.

When installing the seal, please handle it gently to prevent damage to the seal. When installing, please scrub the seal and the cavity cleanly.