What are the Main Functions of Mechanical Seals

What are mechanical seals? Power machinery with rotating shafts, such as pumps and compressors, which are often referred to as "rotating machinery". Mechanical seal is a kind of packing installed on the power transmission shaft of rotating machinery. They have a wide range of applications, from automobiles, ships, rockets and industrial plant equipment to residential equipment.

What is the main function of mechanical seal? 

The mechanical seal is designed to prevent the fluid (water or oil) used by the machine from leaking to the external environment (atmosphere or water). This function of mechanical seal helps to prevent environmental pollution, save energy and machine safety by improving machine operation efficiency.

If mechanical seal or gland packing is not used, liquid will leak through the gap between shaft and body. If it is only to prevent leakage of the machine, it is effective to use a sealing material called sealing packing on the shaft. A separate ring is installed on the shaft and the machine shell to minimize the leakage of the liquid used in the machine without affecting the rotation force of the shaft. To ensure this, each part is manufactured to an accurate design. Mechanical seal can prevent leakage of dangerous substances even under the harsh conditions of mechanical difficulty or high pressure and high speed.

The technology behind mechanical seals

Due to the above functions and applications, mechanical seal technology is the sum of mechanical engineering and physical performance technology. More specifically, the core of mechanical seal technology is Tribology (friction, wear and lubrication) technology, which is used to control the friction (sliding) surface between fixed ring and rotating ring. The mechanical seal with this function can not only prevent the liquid or gas processed by the machine from leaking to the outside, but also improve the operation efficiency of the machine, so as to help achieve energy saving and prevent environmental pollution.

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